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  • SA-ADIYA English Medium
    Senior Secondary School
  • Sa-adiya English Medium Senior Secondary School
  • SA-ADIYA English Medium
    Senior Secondary School


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CBSE Sylabus

Affiliated to CBSE, No- 930056

Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya

A team of high profiled professionals, scholars lined up in the governing body of the society.


Saadiya Academy for Fostering Excellence

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Sa-adiya English Medium Senior Secondary School

Sa-adiya English Medium Residential Senior Secondary School (SEMRS), established in 1984, is a co-educational institution affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and run by Jamia Sa-adiya Arabia. The school, with its motto of ‘fostering academic excellence’, has become an ideal place for academic, educational and cultural excellence and has grown to be a model outstanding school that provides greater amenities, advanced laboratory infrastructure, better learning environment and so on.

In previous years, the school has produced cent-percent results in both X and XII public exams and students who successfully completed their education are now working professional in medical, engineering, management, and other superior careers both in India and abroad. The school has not only been motivating students to entail and enrich themselves for attending Medical and Engineering entrance exams, but also been facilitating on-campus coaching programs to improve the potential of the students.


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Principal's Message

Saadiya English Medium School made tremendous changes in the field of school education and has performed well in bringing out social and cultural changes in community.We open to new ideas and practices in order to remain with the current world of education, while carrying unique streak of traditional values and culture. Education is not mere rote learning and simply repeating it in the examination. Our approach is child centered and goes beyond frame work of text books and class rooms. It helps Students to develop practical skills, enabling them to apply their learning to unfamiliar situations and think critically about different issues. These prepare them for life in future.

We have unique system of moral education which emphasis on making every child morally strong and equipping them to become a better citizen of tomorrow. Let our boys and girls grow as world class citizens- a generation of excellent human beings.

Haneefa Anees

Manager's Message

Manager's Message

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